Lavardin X Series: List of improvements

Lavardin amplifiers got some hardware updates after a while, and we were happy to see and hear them in our showroom. Recently we’ve talked to manufacturer representatives about the tech specs of a new X series. So, here’s the list of exact differences between the X and previous series: 

1. Improved musicality through more detailed micro dynamics. This concerns our electronic circuits. The improvement is so HUGE that a present Model ISx, with or without remote, on certain aspects,  is more musical and transparent than previous Model IS Ref or even Model IT.

2. New mains transformer design.

3. New chassis design allowing optional remote volume control implementation. (no possible retrofit)

4. New front faces with silver plate

5. No price increase

6. Optional analogue volume control with zero side effect:

A) There is no permanent clocking signal to be used by the IR decoder inside the amplifier.
The receiver and the decoder are « passive » and the clocking of the IR signal is made in the emitter only and when signals are sent only. Thus there is no permanent signal pollution inside the amplifier due to the permanent clocking of ALL classical IR receivers and decoders. These clocking pollutions, very detectable thanks to our extremely precise audio circuits, explain why Lavardin Technologies never mix digital and analog circuits in the same box for a better musicality; no embleded USB input nor internal Dac.

B) There is no more excuse not to use the analogue volume control on the amplifier instead of any digital volume control. Digital volume control, what ever the price of the unit, is a real disaster for musicality. Now, all digital levels on computer and Dac must be set permanently at maximum to allow best musicality and resolution and only the high quality (now remote controled) analogue volume control on the amplifier should be used. The result deals with an extremely significant musical improvement of all the system including third party components.

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