KX-R Twenty Preamplifier-- line stage



Completely redesigned KX-R Twenty has implemented all new Ayres’ visions

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Completely redesigned KX-R Twenty has implemented all new Ayres’ visions at the highest level and became ground-breaking amplifier comparative to the impact KX-R had back in the days originally introducing the first VGT volume control.

The new AyreLock power supply uses more than twice of the capacity of the old power supply. Additionally, has a new type of discrete voltage regulation.

Stunning sense of realism that captivates you from the first note, people say, has been gained by impartment of the optimised current mirror and Ayre Diamond output stage.

All Ayre products have been explored in details and tested from all possible aspects before officially be produced. Hundreds of, some would consider fanatical, hours of listening tests, checking the smallest details of the entire audio path and pushing this amplifier to the edge of excellence have been devoted by the cherry-picked Ayre team. You are welcome to enjoy and celebrate twenty years of journey and creation with the KX-R Twenty.

The sound was open and driving and rhythmic and dynamic—very dynamic. It was… it was… you had to be there. I'm sure glad I was.
-Wes Phillips, Stereophile Blog

o Variable Gain Transimpedance (VGT) volume circuit
o Ayre’s exclusive Diamond output circuit
o AyreLock power supply
o zero-feedback
o fully-balanced discrete circuitry
o 60 step volume control, each of 1.0 dB
o Equilock circuitry for active gain devices
o Input ground switching for true source isolation
o Eight inputs: four balanced, four single-ended
o Two balanced outputs, two balanced tape outputs
o Dimmable silent-mode fluorescent display
o Ultra-high-speed circuit board material
o Fly-by-wire control system
o Solid aluminium monocoque chassis
o Ayre Conditioner Power-Line RFI Filter
o Programmable processor pass-through input
o Full-function remote control operation

Ayre price list

Input Impedance 2 Mohm balanced (1 Mohm per phase)
Output Impedance 300 ohm balanced (150 ohm per phase)
Frequency Response DC – 250 kHz
Power Consumption 35 watts in standby or normal operation 65 watts with remote control active
Dimensions 43.8cm x 29.2cm x 9.5cm
Weight 18 kg

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